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Residence Elamang, Prešov, Slovakia

bytovy dom presov tarasa sevcenku

Plot area: 1.020 sqm
Built-up area: 100%
Possible use of: housing, office space
Initial investment: 0,15 mil. €
Total investment: 2,25 mil. €

Residence Elamang 
Tarasa Ševčenka, Prešov, Slovensko

The town Prešov is an important administration centre of Eastern Slovakia. Already in the past, historically since the granting of the town privileges, there have been concentrated the administration activities, initially having impact only on neighbouring towns and villages, later on entire region. It is a consequence of its geographical location, because it is built on a crossroad of former important trade routes.

Prešov is with 91 782 (2011) inhabitants the third biggest town of Slovakia. Several regional authorities are based here and it is also an administration centre of the Self – Governing Region Prešov, the biggest region in Slovakia. The administrative town Prešov is composed of four cadastral units: Prešov, Solivar, Šalgovík and Nižná Šebastová.

Important international road and railway routes bound for Poland and Ukraine cross the town area. The nearest cities are (ordered by the air distance in km): Košice (38), Uzhhorod (96), Miskolc (115), Tarnów (128), Budapest (250) and Bratislava (345).

The historical centre of the town is a national cultural monument.

The town stretches across the Košice basin (Košická kotlina) and is surrounded by the Slansks hills (Slanské vrchy) and the Šariš highlands (Šarišská vrchovina). Rivers Torysa and Sekčov flow through Prešov.

Geographically is the town Prešov laying exactly at the intersection of the 49th parallel of the north latitude and 21° and 15′ of the east longitude. The altitude of the town centre is around 255 meters above the sea level.

The average yearlong temperature is 8,6°C. The hottest month is July with an average temperature of 19,5°C and the coldest one is January with an average temperature of -3,5°C.

Layout description

In a close proximity of historical centre of Prešov, there is a housing development built in the 60s. The height of individual buildings with saddle roofs surrounded by large greenfield sites is 3 to 4 floors. Municipal governement of Prešov has recently proposed modification of the local plan and has given permission to densify development in this area. The project of residence Elamang is prepared precisely in compliance with the regulations resulting from authorized town planning of Prešov.

Residence Elamang consists of 3 objects:
building X (1.250 sqm),
superstructure of the building (460 sqm) and
building Y (1.170 sqm).
Together (2.880 sqm interior area)

Residence Elamang consists of 3 building units: building X, superstructure of the building and building Y. Together, they compose a whole. This building complex is architectonically divided in order to visually disrupt original featureless repetitive architecture. Building X is located between two old block of flats. In front of the building from the street side, there is a parking area for 26 cars. From the street view, left of the building X, there is an original block of flats that is designed to have a two-floor superstructure on the top.

A superstructure is from the original building separated by a conspicuous cornice, with a striking overhanging balcony on the top floor oriented to the street. On the other side of the building, there are 4 similarly overhanging balconies oriented to the yard. Next to the building with a superstructure, there is building Y with a lift that will also serve the residents of the flats in the neighbouring superstructure.

The last building of this project, building Y closes a consecutive housing development and is also the highest building of the complex. There are elegant terraces on the retreating sixth floor with a nice view of Prešov. Part of the building oriented to the street is partially turned around by 10°, so that all flats oriented to the east can benefit from the better view of the street and not of the neighbouring building. The result is more privacy for the neighbouring flats as well as creation of the dominant feature of the entire Taras Ševčenko Street. There are more parking options in combination with underground parking garage prepared for this building.

Presentation of investment plan (PDF)