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Investment opportunities in Croatia

Croatia is well known as a tourist destination all over the Central and Eastern Europe. The potential hasn’t been fully utilized, and we see a great opportunity in that. It is a most favourite vacation spot for most of Slovaks and Czechs. Our nations are really close to each other. This time, we have decided to look into area of Zadar (Vir, Nin, Zadar, Biograd u Moru, Pakoštane) and make a contact with local real estate agents, architects, businessmen and property owners. We would like to get in touch with local businessperson and open a franchise of our company XXL Property Solutions.

To open a franchise in Croatia, we have decided to offer it under a convenient conditions, and will do upmost effort to help them to accommodate in that area. Our future partners will get a presentation materials, customised webpage, promotional gifts and documents together with other useful things.

We are looking forward to meeting our recent business partners from Slovakia, that already work on a new projects in that area. We will mainly focus on acquisition of lots, on which we plan to develop residential and recreational complex – apartment villas, guest houses and hotels.