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Business Trip to China, Indonesia, Singapore 2016

June 2016 – Shanghai, China
Direct and comfortable flight took me with a group of entrepreneurs to Shanghai. Since this was my first visit to the city I focused on exploring. Sources of my inspiration were well-known buildings, local cuisine and way of life that can be discovered in four days.

Shanghai is a stunning 23-million city one needs to see. More than 2000 skyscrapers were built there in the last decade. There are numerous iconic buildings there. The most recent one is the second tallest building in the world and the tallest building in Asia: Shanghai Tower with the highest observation desk worldwide. Meglev is the fastest train in the world that can take you from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport almost to the city center. You can see people of any age and social standing relaxing and practicing Tai Chi in the city parks and gardens every morning.

June 2016 – Ningbo, China
Ningbo is a 10 million city not even two-hour high-speed train journey from Shanghai. It is renowned as an international harbor with a fast trade expansion between China and other parts of the world.  In Ningbo, I took part in an international exhibition where I presented our recent project Terminal Center in Prešov. The Chinese divided the world into regions of interest and this particular exhibition was devoted to the entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe. The part of the city most famous for its nightlife where all the restaurants, bars, and night clubs are based was decorated with the flags of Eastern European countries. Even though the locals probably had no idea where actually our country is, it was pleasing to see Slovak flag on every single terrace and in the restaurants. Also people here were sort of nicer and more attentive. A member of our group had a brand-new mobile phone that slipped out of his pocket while getting off the taxi. The very next day, the honest taxi driver was waiting at the hotel reception desk, returned the mobile phone and refused to take any kind of reward we were offering.

The unpleasant thing about China was censorship and political propaganda we also had a chance to witness at the exhibition in Ningbo. Mails, Google, Facebook , did not work…. I do recommend using a VPN application that enables you to get over such restrictions, even though it does not always work 100%. As a consequence my planned trip to Bangkok in Thailand did not work out since I was repeatedly not able to complete booking of my flights.

June 2016 – Singapore
In any case landing in Singapore (my second home) just before midnight entailed, as usual, enormous joy and relief since I was in a free world again. There is never enough time for Singapore so I only managed to have a couple of meetings. However, they fell on fertile ground also thanks to my one-day visit to Indonesia.

June 2016 – Bintan, Indonesia
On Wednesday after breakfast my business partner Lyndon and I set out for a one-day trip by speed boat to Indonesia on Bintan Island. The owners of Lagoi Bay, Bintan Resorts guided us on an interesting resort tour. There were only a few estates for sale left. We are very happy to be able to help them sell the rest providing our individual and unique services.

June 2016 – Vienna, Europe
After 14 days I am back in Europe. I just avoided an explosion on Shanghai Pudong International Airport, met new people, started to prepare a visit of Singaporean entrepreneurs to Slovakia with an objective to present industrial regions in which we could carry out residential projects for a limited target group of people.