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Our unique advantages

XXL Property Solutions

Our primary service is to facilitate a sale of landed property and enable a landowner to participate on a development of the future real estate with a support of our investment plan. The landed properties of our clients are complicated in different ways (they are too big, have an irregular shape, contain security zone of underground services, …). We manage to present them as an investment plan with a calculated investment return by means of our unique architectural concept and business plan. To implement our investment plans, we search for the right investor, with whom we will endeavour to co-operate on real estate designing, developing, constructing, interior furnishing, selling or renting. Our strong point is a close interconnection of excellent architects and sales people.

1. characteristics & line of work & firm singularity & mission
Best way to sell your landed property. The singularity of XXL PS is an interconnection of the best architects and businessmen, who create unique design of the prospective building, preliminary construction cost estimate, business plan and presentation for a landowner. From that moment on, it is not a property that is offered, but an investment opportunity. It is an excellent tool for a real estate agent that immediately stands out among other advertisements and makes property sale simplier, faster and more effective. Using our services, the landowner is able to make the property price higher or to participate in a property development. Our XXL PS Agents make contact with investors locally as well as worldwide!

2. services
Our primary service is a creation of presentation that supports property sale. The price is adequate to the landed property or rests on future building price depending on who is service offered to – landowner or developer respectively. Developer interacts with the creation of architectural plan with results in more time-consuming and demanding work. Afterwards, he seeks investors for the project. After the completion of architectural concept and obtaining of investment, developer proceeds with suppliers selection.

3. related services
– project funding – seeking a right investor
– architects for completion of project
– construction suppliers and other subcontractors
– real estate agents – sale of newly designed estate
– project marketing



Architekt Peter Švorc & Partners

is a full service architecture firm based in Slovakia. We offer a wide range of architectural and industrial design services for commercial, healthcare, and public construction.

We are currently focusing on international expansion of our architectural services. We want our design to be recognised by people around the world. At the same time, we build up a strong base in the Slovak Republic that will serve our demanding clients and provide emerging branches around the world with technical support.

We connect the best architectural services with the services of sales and real estate agents. By means of architectural concept and investment plan, we are the first to reach investors, providing them comprehensive architectural service afterwards.

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