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About Us

XXL Property Solutions is a young fast-growing multinational company with worldwide operations. One of the strengths of our company as well as the main idea is the assistance with selling the plots and land which are difficult to sell (land or brownfields – old buildings intended for reconstruction). We create unique architectural concepts and business plan of the construction on the specific plot, later also offered abroad as well. Such complex concept of the property helps you to justify its price, simplifies job for the real estate agency and provides an opportunity for you to participate on development of the property.

Thanks to the assistance of XXL Property Solutions, you give the impression of a smart investor not only selling the property, but aggregating gain, too.

The core of the company consists of unique mix of architects and economists with a visionary approach and financially feasible solutions. We cooperate and consult with financiers, developers as well as building owners.

activities around the world

In order to establish business contacts and gain experience in doing business with foreign investors, we organise outward trade missions and so support the expansion of XXL Property Solutions. This is another reason to cooperate with us. We furthermore offer projects from our portfolio abroad. You may find information about our recent activities on this website.


analysis of the area – we check the local plan, underground services availability, environs of the property as well as demand for services and subsequently propose the most appropriate purpose of the plot

future real estate plan – we create an analysis-based urbanistic study so that we can calculate optimal to maximal property utilisation, area to be sold, technological structures, transport connection and the overall space solutions

business plan preparation – in the next step we calculate the architectural concept and so obtain realistic investment amount, investment return data etc.

investment plan preparation

projects, budgets – we uniquely prepare in-house architectural concepts that are ready not only faster, but cheaper as well

translation – translation into foreign languages is provided in order to clearly communicate with potential investors

global advertising – we gradually search for business partners abroad with the intention of helping each other and expanding our business contacts, including investors and landowners

presentation of investments around the world – another unique feature of our company is personal commitment with the objective to expand globally, business meetings abroad and individual presentations of your projects

in-person presentation of investments